Hair Growth Stimulation

Hair Growth Stimulation

Follicum’s drug candidates for hair growth stimulation, are based on the original finding that a large human protein which has been manipulated and modified showed an effect in mice, clearly stimulating hair growth after administration.

Unique product

Today there are no effective products on the market to stimulate hair growth which are suitable for both men and women, and which are without side effects. As Follicum’s drug candidates are based on an endogenous protein that will be broken down by the body, it is predicted that it will have no serious adverse effects on either men or women. To date no adverse reactions have been seen in the preclinical studies, the initial short term toxicological studies, or in the ongoing clinical trials.

Preclinical results

Today Follicum is carrying out preclinical studies, in mice where significant stimulation of hair growth has been demonstrated, even at low doses.

The initial short term toxicological studies have shown no negative effects.

The preclinical efficacy studies in mice have primarily been performed at a contract research laboratory in India (Dabur Research Foundation). Dabur have previously performed similar studies with minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine®) and in preclinical comparable studies Follicum’s compounds stimulated hair growth much faster and produced hair growth over a much larger area than minoxidil.


These studies were performed at an independent contract research laboratory. Rogaine® is a brand of McNeil-PPC, Inc.

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