With our main candidate FOL-005 we have developed a drug candidate that, in preclinical studies, has shown very promising results for controlling hair growth.

Both inhibition and stimulation of hair growth

In preclinical models both stimulation and inhibition of hair growth have been observed. These two different effects may arise due to the phase of the hair growth cycle, or which treatment model has been used. Both of these effects are seen after very low doses of FOL-005 are administered, and both have significant potential – from both a medical and commercial point of view.

Clinical development

The company is now moving into a significantly more capital intensive phase; proof-of-concept is needed as well as identification of the mechanism of action behind the effects. These studies can only be performed by clinical studies in humans.

Market potential

Today the market for both inhibition and stimulation of hair growth is significant, and we expect the market to grow further when effective and safe products are introduced.

Safe and effective product

We believe that FOL-005 is a drug candidate with significant potential. Today’s pharmacological range does not offer the same benefits that have been demonstrated to date with FOL-005. Our goal is to develop a safe and effective medicine that offers long-term benefits, with few side effects, that can be used by both men and women, and at the same time is cost efficient.

Business strategy

After a successful clinical phase I / IIa study, we expect to generate earnings and revenues through a licensing or sale of this project to a larger player. This will be used to finance future projects.