Follicum has initiated a clinical phase I/IIa safety study to test the efficacy of the drug candidate.


Follicum initiates toxicological studies aiming to support human clinical trials


Follicum receives SEK 50.000 from ALMI to finance a pre-study regarding using the company’s molecules in another area than modulating hair growth.

The company files a new patent application for inhibition of hair growth.

Collaboration with Professor Amos Gilhar at the university in Haifa (Technion) is initiated.


Follicum receives another SEK 3.5 million from Vinnova’s grant Forska & Väx after showing positive results in preclinical studies. Lund University Bioscience invests another SEK 2 million.


The company receives SEK 500.000 (approx. 50.000 EURO) from Vinnova to perform additional studies to strengthen the projects’ potential.

Dr Jan Alenfall is appointed Project Manager and CEO.

Collaboration with Professor Ralf Paus, University of Lübeck, is initiated.

Interesting preclinical results on Follicum’s studies were obtained from Dabur Research Foundation in India.

Lund University Bioscience AB invests SEK 3.7 million and Sunstone Capital, Denmark, invests SEK 4 million.


Follicum AB is founded.

A preclinical experiment is finished, showing that Follicum’s substances modulate hair growth in mice.

New substances are synthesized and a patent application for hair growth is filed.


The founders of the company discover, in connection with research on arteriosclerosis, that a modified protein increase hair growth in mice.