Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Fredrik Buch, born 1954, Chairman of the Board since 2014

Fredrik Buch is MD and PhD with more than 20 years’ experience from managing positions in global pharmaceutical companies. Buch has been Head of Clinical Research and Biostatistics within urology, gynaecology and autoimmune diseases at Pharmacia Upjohn and has also served as Medical Director at Swedish Hoechst AB and Squibb Scandinavia. Buch was formerly partner of HealthCap, HealthCap Fund III and has worked at SEB Investment Management AB as responsible for investment in SEB pharmaceutical funds. Buch has a solid background as investor and board member in several biotechnology and medical technology companies.

Elisabeth Svanberg, born 1961, Member of the Board since 2017

Elisabeth Svanberg is a physician and Associate Professor in surgery with extensive experience and expertise from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry in a global environment. Svanberg has documented successful experience in drug product development within several therapeutic areas and development phases, regulated by, among others, the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA“) and the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”). During her career in the pharmaceutical industry, Svanberg has held various roles, including Development Manager for a new type of diabetes treatment at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) and as Head of Global Medical Departments both at BMS and Johnson & Johnson.

Lars H. Bruzelius, born 1943, Member of the Board since 2013

Lars H. Bruzelius is an Associate Professor in Business Administration and a management consultant with large experience from working with banks and companies within energy, medical technology and telecom. Bruzelius is Senior Partner and one of the owners of BSI & Partners and since 2012 also member of the board and chairman of the board of LU Bioscience AB. For three years Bruzelius was Vice President and Administrative Director at Gambro AB. Bruzelius has been a member of the board in two companies listed on the stock exchange and acted as investor and member of the board in several start- ups.

Anna Hultgårdh Nilsson, born 1958, Member of the Board since 2011

Anna Hultgårdh Nilsson holds a bachelor’s degree in odontology and a PhD in Medical Cellbiology from the Karolinska Institute. Hultgårdh Nilsson has worked with cell and molecular biology at the Karolinska Institute and at Lund University and founded Follicum AB in 2011 together with Pontus Dunér and LU Bioscience AB. Hultgårdh Nilsson has published more than 30 scientific articles and has long experience from academic research.