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Follicum AB attends and sponsors a conference in Basel

Follicum AB (“Follicum” or “the company”) announced today that the company will attend a conference in Basel ( and will also sponsor the conference with a small amount of money. Since the German research group who generated important parts of Follicum’s research data on human skin and human hair follicles will attend the conference, this […]

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Our drug candidates both inhibit and stimulate hair growth, and as they are based on endogenous proteins they are considered safe

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The global market is over 15 billion USD a year and increasing, with few competitors to our drug candidates

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We want to develop safe, effective and cost effective drugs, suitable for both men and women, that have minimal side effects

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06 Nov 17

Follicum will participate in the BioEurope Conference in Berlin, Germany, on 6-8 November 2017. More...